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Written by Larry Cook

Energy Efficient Appliances

It’s important to be conscious of the amount of electricity you are using. Did you know that your appliances use at least 30 percent of your electrical use at home? Choosing energy efficient appliances is a very popular thing to do since it can save energy and money. Rebates are often available when buying an energy efficient appliance.

Proper placement of you appliances can help them work more efficiently. Whenever possible, it’s best to have your refrigerator in a different area of the kitchen then the stove and oven, so your refrigerator can easily stay cool as it needs to without fighting off heat from your stove or oven.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper care of your appliances for the best results and extend their life and avoid repairs.

Standby power is not energy efficient since it still is using lots of electricity. It could raise your electric bill over 10 percent. Often people want to keep their appliances on standby to make it easy to turn on. It’s not worth leaving your appliances on standby though, as it will throw you into sticker shock when you receive your electric bill!

Setting your appliances up to be turned off and on at the light switch will be the easiest way to remember if you have the appliance off or on. Turn appliances and electric equipment off when they aren’t being used to save energy and the life of the appliance and electrical equipment.

You can also have a power electric cord where you could turn a switch off and on when needed.

When you are ready to get rid of old appliances it’s a good idea to recycle them so they aren’t thrown in a land fill. Call your local county government to find out where you can take electrical equipment.

If you electrical equipment still works but you no longer have use for it, donate it to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, or another charity that can help get it to someone who can benefit from having it.

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