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Written by Larry Cook

Emergency Exit Lighting

It’s important for all businesses to have an exit emergency light that is bright enough to be seen from the other side of the room.  This light must allow everyone to safely exit the building in case of emergency.  The LED lights in exit signs are the most commonly used light bulbs for this purpose. They are energy efficient so they save money in the long run. LED lights are durable, which means they aren’t negatively affected by heat or cold weather, which will allow them to last longer. This lighting is in addition to a lite exit sign.

In order to comply with the safety requirements, every building exit sign must have a power source back up that lasts for at least 2 hours after the electricity goes out. It is also important to have a light that illuminates to the brightness standards set by OSHA, which will make it easier for everyone to safely find their way out of your building in an emergency.

Exit signs are required to have letters at least 6 inches high. They must be hung above a doorway so they can be seen brightly everywhere in the room.

Installing emergency lights and your exit sign should be done by a certified electrician. It is dangerous to try to do this alone. Working with any type of electrical installation is best to be left for the trained, certified professional.

When doing any electrical work, the electricity must be turned off for safety until your job is done. To forget to turn the electric off while installing something electrical could be deadly.

When including a back up battery for your emergency exit, be sure you have the battery fully charged so it can do the job you’re counting on in case of a fire or electrical outage. Charging a back up battery can take up to one day, so plan accordingly.

It’s best to install emergency lights away from heat.

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