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Written by Larry Cook

Know the Three Signs of Needing a Home Wiring Inspection?

If you don’t, just read on to find out! Electrical problems require the expert assistance of a licensed electrician with years of experience, equipment, and knowledge of electrical and building codes. This professional’s skills will result in a replacement or repair job that will be done properly the first time, saving money and ensuring safety.

Knowing when their home’s wiring and electrical equipment requires an inspection can be a challenge for most people. Fortunately, there are three signs of needing a home electrical inspection that are relatively simple to spot.

Buzzing & Crackling Noises

An electrical panel is in charge of the regulation of the flow of electrical power throughout a home, and that is why normally a low humming sound can be heard. If an electrical panel becomes faulty, it may generate loud buzzing or crackling noises, which indicate that the circuit breakers are operating improperly.

Flickering & Dimming Lights

On top of creating an eerie environment, flickering and dimming lights can be a symptom of faulty wiring. This may occur when a larger electrical appliance like a vacuum cleaner is plugged in and turned on. Lights flicker and dim due to one or more of these causes: eroded contact points, damaged or defective receptacles, or loose wires. All need immediate repair or replacement.

Warm Outlets, Switches, and Walls

It’s normal for electrical current to produce heat as it flows through wires, and this is one of the reasons why electrical wire has insulation. However, when insulation loses its integrity and is compromised, wiring can arc. Typically caused by accidental damage from nails or screws, arcing can generate sparks reaching 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which may cause a fire.

If you ever discover switches, outlets, and walls that are warm to the touch, immediately cease using the nearby outlet or receptacle and call a licensed electrician to perform an inspection for arc faults.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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