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Written by Larry Cook

Electrical Upgrades Help Raise Your Home’s Resale Value

Owning a home with electrical problems or an outdated system will make it very difficult to sell. In order to get your home ready, work with a licensed electrician to perform several electrical upgrades that will help raise your home’s resale value.

A licensed electrician can modernize your home’s electrical system and bring it up to code. Installing even basic upgrades can greatly influence whether or not a potential buyer buys your home. Most buyers are looking for a home that is ready to be moved into without having to do any work.

Simple improvements involving electrical work include recessed lighting or ceiling fans. Freshly installed, they will make a positive impression on potential buyers. Upgrades which are not obvious like a heavy up of the electrical panel or replacing faulty outlets will come into play when inspections are made before the closing.

Greater Value

Home buyers always look for bargains when they are shopping for a house. They will see greater value when they tour a house stocked with 21st century conveniences and features. Perhaps the most important elements in their eyes will be a modern electrical system and structured cabling.

The typical home buyer will not want to buy a home that does not have enough electrical outlets or terrible Wi-Fi. A real estate agent will recommend making a reduced offer if the buyer will have to do any work if any feature of a home is below the expected standard of quality.

Signs of Problems

When lights are dimming and circuits are buzzing, potential home buyers will be scared off from buying a house. Both are symptoms of a home with an electrical panel that is not capable of meeting modern electrical demands. A licensed electrician can perform a heavy-up that will upgrade to the modern 200-amp standard to provide more power. Houses with this feature are easier to sell.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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