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Written by Larry Cook

Effective Energy Efficiency Ideas for Office Buildings – Part 1

Nowadays, organizations are seeking ways to maximize the use of non-renewable and renewable energy sources to help with their bottom lines. Interestingly, companies are even finding ways to generate their own electrical power. Forward-looking enterprises that are using innovative technology to conserve energy are realizing benefits related to profitability and public perception.

Most workers spend the majority of their working lives in their offices. As a result, energy consumption in office buildings can be quite considerable and very costly for owners. The use of lighting, computers, business equipment, HVAC systems, etc., around the clock and every day, lead to increased energy demand and higher utility bills for many companies. 

Taking a concerted approach to raise the energy efficiency of an office building can decrease energy expenses significantly. Implementation will not be easy, but an experienced licensed electrical services company can make the process smoother and cost efficient. This article will discuss several ways to raise the level of energy efficiency in your organization’s office building.

Lighting Upgrades

Energy usage stemming from lighting can differ considerably from building to building. A building’s electrical consumption depends on several factors. However, older buildings are more likely to be still using lighting technology that is now obsolete or near obsolete, especially in terms of energy efficiency.

The majority of office spaces utilize fluorescent lighting due to their high level of brightness, which greatly promotes workers’ visual acuity for carrying out tasks. The good news is that current lighting technology is capable of both providing sufficient lighting from high ceilings and conserving energy.

There are a number of modern technologies that provide significant advantages for businesses.  LED lights have much longer service lives and consume significantly less energy than outdated incandescent bulbs. Formerly limited for lighting outdoor signs, LEDs are now being used by offices, surpassing standard fluorescent tubes. Lamps of ceramic metal halide lamps have accomplished the same for retail displays and art galleries by providing light that is natural and of excellent quality.

Greater lighting effectiveness can be accomplished by using automated lighting technology featuring motion sensors and smart scheduling that adjusts activation and brightness levels throughout the day.

Part 2 will discuss HVAC systems, motors, and monitoring energy usage.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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