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Written by Larry Cook

Commercial Electrical Services for Your Company

Your business will need electrical services or troubleshooting eventually, and this article will list several common projects that should be performed by licensed and insured electricians who are familiar with commercial electrical codes. It is very important that your facility is in local compliance to avoid fines and penalties because of inspection violations. If one has not been performed for a while, a safety inspection by a reputable electrical services company would be a good first step for your company.

Circuit Breakers

If you have flickering lights, frequent tripping of circuit breakers, or hear humming sounds, you should contact an electrician. An inspection will determine the severity of the electrical problems that are causing these dangerous symptoms.

Commercial Panel Box

Depending on the condition of your building’s existing panel box and your current and future electrical needs, you will have several options for either a replacement or an upgrade to make sure it can support your business.

Dedicated Circuits

If you are considering purchasing new large equipment, verify if its installation needs a dedicated electrical circuit. Work with a licensed electrician to ensure that your facility’s electrical system can support it.

Electric Signs

Installing an electric sign at your business will help attract more customers after sunset. If you have an existing sign, you should consider ballast and lamps that are more energy efficient and require less maintenance as replacements.

LED Conversion

A LED conversion will conserve time, energy, and money during the lifetime of your facility. If you are seeking a lighting solution that requires little maintenance, generates minimal heat, and 50,000 hours of life, LED is the answer.

Parking Lighting

Providing safety and security to customers and employees, parking lot lighting is crucial for the success of a business, especially in the retail and restaurant sectors.

Single Phase & Three Phase

Commercial electricity is delivered by utilities in single or three phase power at either 120v or 240v or 277v or 480v. For new construction, remodels, and additions, consult with a qualified electrician.

Surge Protection

Surge protection for expensive and sensitive equipment relied upon by your business is essential. Electrical surges that cause damage may come from lightning or the electrical system itself.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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