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Written by Larry Cook

Hiring a Commercial Electrical Contractor for Your Business

The search for a commercial electrical contractor for your business may seem daunting if you are doing it for the first time. Your project has certain requirements, and you want to hire an electrician who is reputable, qualified, and experienced. The following are five factors for finding the right commercial electrical contractor for the job.


List your company’s project requirements, including what must be inspected, installed or repaired. Next, list the electrical service companies that interest you. The first list will allow you to cross off the electricians who do not offer the services you need. Their websites will typically describe their services and experience.


Contact each electrical contractor remaining on your list and provide them a brief description of your project, including a deadline and budget. Give each candidate three business days to respond with a plan, estimate, and timeline. Also request three references from their previous projects that are similar to yours.


If the proposal from an electrical contractor seems to be a fit, contact the references they provided. Have a list of questions ready, focusing on the quality of the electrical contractor’s work and customer service. Take a look as well at customer reviews on sites like Angie’s List.


Compare the estimates and itemized costs of each proposal. Verify their availabilities and timelines. All these factors will play a part in your final decision on selecting the electrical contractor that will meet your project’s requirements.


As you have several proposals in hand, you will have a range of the low and high estimates that can be used for negotiation. You may prefer an electrical contractor who is in the high range, but you would like to try to find a way to fit them into your budget. They may agree to match the lower price of a competitor for a particular item so be prepared to show the other contractor’s written estimates.


After you have chosen an electrical contractor, request an agreement that both parties will sign. The contract should contain the work to be performed, payment schedule, and deadlines.

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