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Written by Larry Cook

Effective Energy Efficiency Ideas for Office Buildings – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, raising the energy efficiency of your office building can decrease energy expenses significantly. Consult with an experienced licensed electrical services company because they will make the process smoother. Part 2 will discuss HVAC systems, motors, and monitoring energy usage. 

HVAC Systems

Generally, office buildings have heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. As they are typically used 24/7, significant energy usage can be attributed to these systems. As there is competition among the biggest manufacturers, their research and development lead to improvements, and their newer models become more energy efficient over time.

For commercial buildings, a central plant is installed to integrate the cooling and heating systems of the whole facility. Although a plant can be utilized for conserving energy, the chillers, which are typically located in the basement, offer the most potential for energy savings. Although costly, replacing an obsolete chiller with one featuring modern technology will provide savings in the long run in terms of energy usage and lower maintenance costs.

Motor Replacement

A main motor is generally used to power elevators, machines, and HVAC systems in an office building. These motors are constantly running, but they hardly receive maintenance and are rarely replaced until completely breaking down. If your office building’s motor is older than ten years, it is likely using an excessive amount of electricity in comparison to newer models. It may be time to consider a replacement that has superior features and conserves energy as well.

Energy Usage Monitoring

Although this may seem overly time-consuming and challenging technically, there are new devices and applications that makes the monitoring of energy usage in office buildings manageable. Some buildings may already have these tools installed, and they are used to observe operations and correct failures. Software can be used to achieve electric load leveling, real-time optimization, and gather data for review.

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