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Written by Larry Cook

Energy Efficiency Advantages for Your Business

Whether you’re the head of a business or owner of a commercial building, energy efficient Some are obvious, while others are more subtle. In any case, ensuring that your organization is energy efficient is a sound investment in the future. Remember to consult with an expert licensed electrician regarding performing an energy audit and achieving the best results.

Lower Operating Costs

It is a misconception that being eco-friendly can only be afforded by large businesses. However, the capital expenditure for renewable and green energy technologies can discourage decision-makers from making the investment. A study found that more than 50% of business executives had budgeted for green technologies in order to decrease and control the costs of their company’s energy consumption.

Raise Market Value of Building

Making a building green will help meet the current growing demand for eco-friendly spaces. An energy-efficient facility allows an enterprise to decrease operating costs and lower energy costs, increasing the probability of sustainability and profitability. Energy Star has found that energy-efficient buildings are more likely to have greater occupancy rates and market values.

Brand Image

Many people are becoming aware of how the environment is being affected by enterprises. Those that are considered environmentally responsible are viewed more favorably by both employees and consumers. Corporations are launching marketing campaigns in conjunction with Earth Week that involve eco-friendly civic acts such as recycling or donations to environmental causes. Companies that are eco-friendly are lauded by media organizations for being green, raising their profile positively among the general public.

Healthier Employees

A research study by the IEA (International Energy Agency) found numerous advantages from implementing energy efficiency. Investments in better building insulation, efficient heating and cooling systems, and making the transition to appliances and lighting that are energy efficient will result in a healthier environment that provides warmth and comfort. Ideal temperatures, good air quality, and controlled humidity are the three important elements that can positively impact the health of employees in eco-friendly facilities.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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