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Written by Larry Cook

The 3 Top Reasons for Getting a Heavy Up

The modern world is creating new technology at a rapid pace, and a growing number of new electronic devices and larger appliances are being created every day. This gradually increases the pressure on a home’s electrical system because more and more power is needed to meet demand. Someday your home may not be capable of supplying enough electricity for day-to-day use. Always work with an experienced licensed electrician for the best results.

Heavy Up Basics

Also called an electrical panel upgrade, a heavy up increases the capability of a home’s electrical system to supply power. An upgrade will also increase the safety level when using multiple electrical devices at the same time. The following will discuss the Top 3 reasons for getting a heavy up.

1) Better Electrical Performance

If you’ve noticed your lights dim or flicker when you turn on certain appliances, or your breaker trips for no reason, you’re in need of a heavy up. The upgrade to your electrical panel will solve these common problems and provide a more steady and consistent energy supply throughout your home.

2) Increased Safety

Older homes using outdated electrical panels rated at 100 amps or less are very vulnerable to overloading their electrical systems. Today’s new homes usually require at least 200 amps. Overloads present a serious fire hazard that can endanger both your home and family. Fortunately, a heavy up can address this problem by providing more power that will meet the modern needs of your family.

3) More Expansion Options

There may come a time when you decide to remodel your home or add more space. The new rooms will require more power and additional circuits, and your electrical system may not be ready. A remodel typically requires getting a heavy up beforehand. An electrical panel upgrade gives homeowners more options when it comes to expanding their homes while promoting electrical safety.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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