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Written by Larry Cook

Structured Wiring for Smart Homes – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, structured wiring for network communications is the crucial first step for a home automation system. When properly installed, it provides benefits such as speed, flexibility, consistency, and easier maintenance and troubleshooting. The installation of structured wiring in homes being constructed will differ from an existing home that is being retrofitted. Part 2 covers additional structured wiring tips for newly constructed and existing homes.

Newly Constructed Homes

Below are structured wiring tips for new homes:

  • The ideal starting point for a home’s structured wiring is inside an equipment closet, where you can install a patch panel so cabling can be terminated and well organized.
  • For added efficiency and faster troubleshooting, it is advisable to also install the equipment rack inside the equipment closet.
  • To achieve better organization, cables should run vertically from a crawl space or attic to the ceiling. For safety, J hooks should be used to secure cabling in a high location to prevent people from tripping over them.

Existing Homes

Below are structured wiring tips for existing homes:

Good planning will make it possible to avoid cutting into walls of an existing home for the installation of your home automation system, which can be programmed to manage lighting and climate control automatically.

  • It will be necessary to run an Ethernet cable to each device that requires the Internet, such as a desktop computer, Smart TV, or wireless router.
  • Home alarm systems have their own requirements. Some devices like motion sensors and automated locks use a wireless connection.
  • Generally, coaxial cable will be connected to a television’s set top box to receive upstream and downstream signals from the local cable television service.
  • If running speaker wiring around the home is not feasible, there are wireless speakers that can be used instead.

Work with a reputable and experienced electrical contractor to achieve the best results.

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