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Written by Larry Cook

Benefits of Wireless Home Automation Systems

Twenty-first century homes will increasingly become more automated and self-controlled because of the conveniences these features provide. A Home Automation System (HAS) offers homeowners the capability to control electrical appliances, heating and cooling, security, access, and entertainment devices in their homes.

The first home automation systems typically featured wired communication. For properly planned and well-conceived installations of a HAS during construction, wired communication should not cause issues. However, wired HAS installations in existing buildings will be more costly and challenging in terms of implementation. Fortunately, the advent of wireless communication for automation systems has made these concerns mostly irrelevant. Wi-Fi and cloud networks are now being increasingly utilized to control home automation systems.

We recommend that you consult with a licensed electrician regarding the installation of a HAS during the construction of your new home.

Wireless Benefits

Wireless communication provides a number of advantages that would not be possible in wired networks. The following is a list of benefits derived from a wireless home automation system.

Decreased Installation Costs

The installation costs of a wireless HAS will be decreased significantly because no cabling will be needed. In contrast, wired systems require cable installation, and this will be more expensive as payments for professionals and equipment will be essential.


One of the chief advantages of a wireless network is scalability. Should demands increase in the future, expansion will be fast and easy. This cannot be said for wired systems because cables will have to be purchased. In addition, a technician and perhaps a contractor will be needed for the installation.


In addition to being able to cover larger spaces, wireless networks preserve the aesthetics of buildings because cable installation is unnecessary. Houses of architectural or historic importance will not have to undergo alteration for the laying of cable.

Mobile Device Integration

Modern mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can be adapted to control home automation systems. As a result, a HAS may be accessed anywhere and at any time, providing convenience and peace of mind to homeowners.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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