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Written by Larry Cook

Commercial Lighting Trends for Your Business – Part 1

Rapid advancements in lighting technology are driving fast developments in lighting design as well. Companies that are keeping pace will make improvements in lighting aesthetics, energy conservation, functionality, and safety of their facilities. The following two-part article will discuss the latest in commercial lighting trends for your business. Work with a licensed and experienced electrical services company to achieve the most ideal results for your commercial project.

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Industrial lighting fixtures grew in popularity last year, and this trend will continue. If you like this design, select fixtures that are of a single metallic color such as bronze or brushed nickel. Throwback features likes knob and strap and antique-looking light bulbs, evoking the first part of the 20th Century, give industrial lighting its period appearance. The interior design of the office space should match this look with a minimalist factory-type approach. Accentuating this look is RLM (Reflective Luminaire Manufacturer), which are primarily commercial or industrial lighting fixtures that are designed to reflect light in a downward direction.

Minimalist LED Lighting

As enterprises are transitioning to LED lighting, they are selecting the modernist look these energy-efficient bulbs can support. This design approach is both understated and direct, utilizing strong lines and single metallic colors..

Natural Light Usage

Research has found that natural light at home and work leads to improvements in sleep, work performance and satisfaction, along with greater sales in retail environments. Another benefit of maximizing the use of natural light is decreasing the energy requirements of a commercial building, resulting in lower utility costs. However, this may not be possible architecturally or financially because it may require the complicated and costly installation of additional windows and skylights. The practical alternative is daylighting, which uses LED lighting adjusted continually throughout the day with smart controls to imitate natural light.

Part 2 will discuss three more commercial lighting trends for your business.

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