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Written by Larry Cook

Commercial Lighting Trends for Your Business – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, rapid advancements in lighting technology are also driving fast developments in lighting design.  Part 2 will discuss three more commercial lighting trends for your business. Consult a licensed and experienced electrical services company to get superior results.

Retrofitting Lighting with LED

An increasing number of companies are taking advantage of greater capabilities resulting from advancements in LED technology by retrofitting their lighting. The advantages these LED overhauls provide are improved lighting quality, greater energy efficiency, additional smart lighting functionality, and decreased maintenance.

Smart Lighting Control

Smart lighting technological advancements are bringing new capabilities and advantages. Controls within fixtures can provide significant increases of energy efficiency. Research found one enterprise cutting utility costs up to 75% while raising the productivity of their workforce by 20% after the installation of smart LED lighting. The examples below illustrate how smart lighting can be used at the workplace.

Meeting energy efficiency codes as established by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) can be programmed into smart lighting control systems. Through the measurements of an area’s temperature, energy load, and occupancy, smart controls using sensors can make adjustments based on available daylight or deactivating heating or cooling if unoccupied to conserve energy.

Outdoor floodlights can be programmed to dim during specific hours then become brighter when triggered by a motion detector.  An audible alarm will warn security staff to check for intruders through the security camera system.

Programming allows conference room lighting to be activated for scheduled meetings. However, if sensors do not detect movement for a certain amount of time, the room’s lighting is turned off automatically for the time period.

Staff members can be equipped with apps for tablets or smart phones to control or program the scheduling of a company’s smart lighting systems via WiFi. If necessary, adjustments can be made when off premises via the Internet.

Supersized Lighting Fixtures

Installing a supersized fixture is the latest commercial lighting design trend. They are intended to make an audacious statement as the focal point of a large area. They are appropriate for cavernous dining spaces, lobbies with high ceilings, and spacious stairwells.

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