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Written by Larry Cook

General Guidelines for Standby Generator Installations

Prior to purchasing a standby generator, talk to a licensed electrician about your electrical power needs. An electrician experienced in generator installations can provide the knowledge to help you determine what your home will need in terms of affordable backup power. A professional will be able to give you an approved National Electric Code (NEC) load calculation, and their installation procedures will follow NEC codes.

Standby Generator Permits

Frequently a permit and inspection for a standby generator will be required by a Home Owners Association (HOA) and municipality. Without those permits and inspections there likely will be legal issues. Typically, compliance is required regarding the generator’s location and noise level. Make sure your dealer confirms that such requirements are being met and the necessary permits and approvals are secured.

Fuel Supply

A typical modern home standby generator is fueled by propane or natural gas. A sufficient supply of fuel delivered at the correct pressure with proper-sized piping is needed to start it. For this reason, many standby generator installations will need a gas meter upgrade, which the dealer will perform with the local utility company. There will be additional costs, and the standby generator installation will require more time.

Maintenance and Warranty

A standby generator can be compared to a car engine because both need regular maintenance. A technician should receive training from the generator’s manufacturer, and will receive the certification required for maintaining the maker’s standby generators and addressing warranty issues. If a technician lacks proper certification, warranty service performed may be considered invalid.

Be sure to protect your major investment by having all required maintenance properly performed by qualified technicians.

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