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Written by Larry Cook

Benefits of Installing Whole Home Surge Protection – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, expensive appliances and electronic devices can be damaged or destroyed from power surges in your home. Part 2 will discuss Common Home Sources, Surge Protection, and Main Benefits. Always work with an experienced and licensed electrician for the best results.

Common Home Sources

A common event such as turning on and off a washing machine or dryer may cause a power surge. In addition, air conditioning units and refrigerators are two of the most common sources of power surges.

Due to large appliances needing a great amount of continuous electrical current, there may be occasional harmful diversions of electricity. The intensity of these power surges is determined by the amount of energy generated during the process. Fortunately, most common household devices typically result in smaller power surges.

Improperly installed or faulty electrical wiring can also result in strong power surges. Electrical wiring should always be installed and inspected by licensed electricians in order to prevent damage to your home, appliances, and electronic devices.

Surge Protection

A surge protector allows electric current to flow through the protector into the attached devices. When a voltage spike is detected, the surge protector diverts the excess energy to the electrical outlet’s grounding wire. Surge protectors can handle high jumps of voltage, absorbing the energy released by a power surge. The two most common surge protectors are point-of-use surge protectors and whole-house surge protectors.

Point-of-use surge protectors are plugged into wall outlets and can guard electronic devices with microprocessors against power surges of up to 6,000 volts. A whole-house surge protection device only allows the electricity that is required to enter the electric panel, preventing voltage spikes from the power company from causing damage to appliances and electronic devices inside.

Main Benefits

• Appliances and electronic devices are protected from power surges, and their service lives are extended by 30%.

• Insurance policies sometimes provide discounts to homes with whole-house surge protection.

• Precious records and memories in computers are kept safe by surge protection.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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