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Written by Larry Cook

Install a Home Generator Before Winter 2021-22 – Part 1

Many people rely on the weather predictions by the Farmers’ Almanac, and it was remarkably accurate in forecasting the winter of 2020-2021. For October 2021, it predicts the weather in the U.S. will see lower temperatures and more rain than is usually expected.


Winter will begin officially on December 21, and the Farmers’ Almanac describes what is coming as a “frosty flip-flop” winter. The publication predicts that winter will gradually set in during January 2022 with normal amounts of snow, but warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, the weather will become very cold by month’s end.


Although the Farmers’ Almanac predicts less precipitation for February, there will be a sudden and drastic change, hence the term “flip-flop”, by the end of the month. They anticipate there may be a few heavy snowstorms during March 2022.


Winter Electrical Outage Problems


Heavy snow and bitter cold will create conditions that can result in extended power outages. Typically, modern home heating systems depend on electrical power to run and without electricity, residents will be uncomfortable inside due to freezing temperatures.


When there is a power outage and the temperature drops below freezing, the water in the home pipes can freeze, causing the pipes to explode. If this happens, the house will suffer damage costing thousands of dollars due to flooding. Flooded homes can also become uninhabitable for several weeks because repairs take time.


Portable Generators


When utility power goes out, some homeowners rely on portable generators to make sure their homes stay warm. However, they will need a transfer switch in order to be able to power the oven and appliances. These portable generators can only work when someone is at home to turn them on manually and refill their fuel tanks by hand.


Part 2 will cover Standby Generators, Installations, and Winter Issues.


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