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Written by Larry Cook

Install a Home Generator Before Winter 2021-22 – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting heavy snowstorms during the late winter of 2021-22. These weather conditions can lead to power outages when temperatures are freezing. Part 2 will cover Standby Generators, Installations, and Winter Issues.


Standby Generators


Compared to portable generators, standby generators automatically supply power when the utility stops providing electricity. After a grid failure, an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) transfers power from the generator to the home in a few seconds. Even if you are thousands of miles away, your home will remain lighted and warm.


Home standby generators are permanently installed and wired. They use propane or natural gas supplied by the home itself, and it can usually run for days or even weeks without requiring refueling. When the utility power is back on again, the generator will shut down automatically and the ATS will automatically and safely switch to the utility power.




Installing a home backup generator requires planning. Local building codes will require permits. In addition, you need to prepare the generator site and have two or three inspections by your local municipality. Homeowners should also work with the gas company to confirm if their gas meters are sufficient to service new generators. If not, you must install a new one.


Winter Issues


A standby home generator can be installed year round. However, when installed during the winter, the ground will be harder due to colder temperatures and it will be more difficult to prepare the site and install the generator. Additionally, local regulations generally require concrete slabs to be poured for the generator’s foundation.


When a standby generator installation team has to dig trenches in the frozen ground to bury the cables, the process would be slower and more expensive. If possible, do not wait until mid-winter to install a generator. Consult with a local licensed electrician experienced in installing generators today. You can then finish the project this fall.


Electrical Peace of Mind


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