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Written by Larry Cook

Three Top Serious Signs of Electrical Panel Issues

Comparable to how the heart pumps blood into the organs of your body, an electrical panel is responsible for delivering power to a home’s appliances, electronic devices, and lighting fixtures. The following covers the top three serious signs of electrical panel issues, indicating a need for an upgrade or heavy-up.

Circuit Breakers Tripping Frequently

Circuit breakers tripping frequently likely indicate a faulty electrical panel. A circuit breaker trips to protect an electrical circuit from being damaged by excessive electrical current from an overload or a short circuit. A circuit breaker can be reset simply by returning its switch to the ON position. However, when circuit breakers trip frequently, there is usually a problem involving the electrical panel.

One solid method for understanding why your circuit breakers are tripping is determining how old they are. A circuit breaker typically has a service life of between 30 to 40 years. Thus, the best practice is replacing an electrical panel when it is 30 years old or more. If the circuit breakers are replaced and frequent tripping continues, it is then likely necessary to upgrade your electrical panel.

Dimming Lights

A common symptom of serious electrical system issues, dimming lights are typically caused by a faulty electrical panel. The basic explanation for lights dimming is that they are being supplied inadequate voltage. A solution is ensuring that every major appliance requiring its own circuit is connected to a dedicated circuit. This should prevent the electrical panel from overloading a circuit. If lighting still continues to dim, the electrical panel itself may be the problem.

Corrosion or Rust

Maybe the clearest sign an electrical panel requires replacement is corrosion or rust. When an electrical panel is corroded or rusted, it cannot function properly and safely. If a licensed electrician spots corrosion or rust in an electrical panel during a safety inspection, the homeowner should be advised of this hazardous condition. The electrical panel should be replaced as soon as possible to protect the residents and property from an electrical fire.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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