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Written by Larry Cook

Buy the Right Standby Generator Size for Your Home – Part 1

There’s no prevention for losing electricity from the utility, and it is occurring more frequently and lasting for longer periods. Severe weather causes nearly 60% of these blackouts, and more than 30% will stem from equipment failure due to our country’s overworked and outdated electrical grid.

Power outages will happen, but you can still keep electricity flowing by installing a standby generator at your home. It is a dependable device that can provide electrical power to your entire house during an emergency. Seconds after a blackout hits, a standby generator will activate automatically. This process happens so fast, you may not even notice that you lost utility power.

We will cover how to figure out the right standby generator size for your house. Talk to an expert licensed electrician experienced in standby generator installations to get the best results.

Size of Home

Like houses, standby generators are built in a variety of sizes. Typically, the larger the generator the more capable it will be for providing electricity. A large-capacity generator will cost significantly more than a smaller unit. However, you may decide a large generator is not what your home needs.

One option available is installing a smaller generator that can provide power to essential circuits. These circuits may be connected to items such as the furnace, garage-door opener, kitchen appliances, main lighting, security system, well pump, and water heater. This type of installation is described as a partial-house generator.

Electrical System

House size is just one factor for choosing a standby generator. Determining the proper generator size will not be as easy as using the number of square feet in a home. How complex a house’s electrical system is must also be considered. Whether or not a home has central air conditioning will play a key role in the selection of the generator. Work with a licensed electrician to calculate your home’s expected electrical loads.

Part 2 will discuss Kilowatts & ATS, Running Watts & KVA, and Choosing Your Standby Generator.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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