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Written by Larry Cook

Important New Home Electric Standards in NEC 2023

The Standards Council of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) voted to issue the new 2023 National Electrical Code (NEC). Utilized by all of the United States, the NEC sets the standard for safe installation, inspection, and electrical design. The objective is the protection of people and property against electrical dangers.

NFPA is a non-profit worldwide organization that is financially independent and dedicated to preventing death, injury, property, and economic losses caused by fire, electrical, and associated hazards.

The NFPA guides more than 300 consensus codes and standards. The organization also increases knowledge through advocacy, education, research, and training. Their team also partners with others who share their goal of protecting people and property from electrical dangers. For more information, please visit

Essential Changes in 2023 NEC

A handful of essential changes were found in the 2023 NEC, which target GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupters) and AFCIs (arc-fault circuit interrupters). In addition, new standards involving newer tech address growing electrical issues, as summarized below.

  • Electrical installations for cannabis oil facilities
  • Installation of wiring systems and equipment of Class 4 fault-managed power
  • Network-connected life safety equipment cybersecurity
  • PV (photovoltaic) array installations in bodies of water
  • Wireless power transfer of EVs (electric vehicles)

In contrast to past editions, when there was a delay in printing codebooks after the issuance of codes, the 2023 NEC became immediately available online via NFPA LiNK. This also allows users to collaborate and connect easily while in the field.

Users can benefit from new expansive interactive tools on NFPA LiNK. These can improve an electrician’s understanding of the requirements of NEC standards. Available online, professionals can easily access mobile devices’ recommended efficient and safe installation techniques.

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