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Written by Larry Cook

Improve Your Apartment Building’s Electrical Safety With Upgrades – Part 1

Every apartment owner should remember that the state of his building’s electrical system is critical. When installed correctly and maintained, the risk of injury or death, equipment and electronic damage, power outages, and fires is significantly reduced.

Robust electrical wiring is crucial in the Mid-Atlantic region, where homes must withstand both summer and winter extremes. Below are symptoms indicating that your multifamily electrical infrastructure may need upgrading or repairing.

Older Electrical Systems

If your apartment building is over 40 years old, your electrical infrastructure may not be able to meet your power needs efficiently or safely. This is especially true when maintenance is poor or neglected.

The electrical system in your apartment may be unsafe if you see any of the following symptoms:

  • Appliances and other electrical equipment run slowly and do not perform to their full potential.
  • Some rooms have hot plastic or a burning smell.
  • She tripped the circuit breaker or frequent fuse blew.
  • The socket is browned or melted.
  • Lack of power outlets requires extension cords to power devices.
  • Lights dim or flicker, especially after turning on air conditioners, refrigerators, or large machines.
  • Part of the insulation around the wire has melted.
  • Sparks when the device is plugged into an electrical outlet. Electrical outlets can also get hot to the touch.
  • Switch panels or outlets heat up or become hot.
  • A tingling sensation when touching a metal device. This indicates that the appliance is not grounded correctly and may cause electric shock. 

Some of the above issues may not immediately pose a threat but should be addressed directly to protect apartment occupants.

Part 2 covers Crucial Safety Recommendations and Obsolete Control Panels.

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