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Written by Larry Cook

Important Electrical Upgrades for Older Apartments – Part 1

Older apartments built before the 1950s are often highly desired for their architecture, spaciousness, and craftsmanship. Apartments of that era were built when residences consumed much less energy. They are capable of handling kitchen appliances, radios, lighting, and televisions. Unfortunately, their original electrical equipment and wiring are now outdated, and they will need upgrades to meet current power demands and safety requirements.
Post World War II, air conditioning became much more commonplace, and home wiring was not meant to handle that extra load. Although the computers and electronic devices that have arrived recently do not require much power, they have the tendency to generate harmonics, which are high-frequency currents that may cause wiring to overheat and start a fire.

Heating was provided primarily by fireplaces, and that’s why many of these older apartments are considered so attractive by buyers these days. The drawback is they may not be able to handle the power requirements of typical electric heating units or water heaters.

If you are an apartment building owner considering an electrical upgrade, you should work with an experienced and licensed electrician who will provide the proper guidance you’ll need from the beginning. The following will discuss several topics that will help make your project successful.

Basic Guide for Electrical Upgrades

What may be the most important principle of an electrical system upgrade for older apartments is minimizing the electricity they will require afterwards, which will decrease both costs and potential problems.

Energy Efficiency

By installing energy-efficient LED lighting and ENERGY STAR appliances, you will help ensure that the electrical load of the apartment won’t jump dramatically after the upgrade. The installation of a smart thermostat will also optimize the electrical consumption of the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) unit.

Part 2 will discuss 220-Volt Appliances, Sizing the Upgrade, and Protection System.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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