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Written by Larry Cook

Home Standby Generator Installation Overview

Modern home standby generators are usually powered by natural gas and connect with the electrical grid, so homeowners must work with an experienced licensed electrician to ensure taking the right steps for complying with regulations and safety. The following is an overview of the home standby generator installation process.


Work with an experienced licensed electrician to conduct a survey of your home and determine if it meets the requirements for a natural gas-powered standby generator. The professional will examine the home’s existing gas meter and note its volume. An inventory will then be taken of each gas-powered appliance to calculate if the gas supply can sufficiently power them along with the new generator.

Meter & Gas Line Upgrade

If the gas supply is inadequate, a gas load inquiry form must be sent to the gas utility company, then they will guide you through the required steps. Usually, just a low or no-cost meter upgrade for greater gas volume will be needed. However, sometimes a larger gas line must be installed by the gas company, which can become expensive.


Typically, the company handling the installation then secures the local permits, such as fire and electrical, along with the needed zoning approvals.


A subcontractor will lay the concrete for the new generator’s base. An installation team comprising of a licensed electrician, a licensed plumber, and a certified installer capable of handling the 400 to 500 pound generator will be needed. All power in the home must be shut off during the final day of installation for a minimum of four hours.


Afterwards, local inspections scheduled by the installation company must be performed to secure the approvals needed for the new standby generator.

Testing & Warranty

The project is completed after technicians conduct successful tests that ensure the standby generator will function properly when it will be needed. The final step is the registration of the new generator for its manufacturer’s warranty.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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