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Written by Larry Cook

Get Your Pool and Spa Ready for Spring!

Now that winter is on its way out, it’s time to get your pool and spa ready for spring by making sure their systems are in shape. This article will discuss how electrical services can help the swimming or soaking experience of your family and guests. For the best results, contact a licensed electrician who has lots of experience working on pools and spas. 

Pool Filtration and Heating

The cleanliness of swimming pool water relies on the filter pump, which needs sufficient electricity to work as efficiently as possible. Spring temperatures can vary greatly, so your electric water heater and pool thermostat need to be properly wired and installed by a professional so your swimming stays comfortable as the weather changes.

Spa Comfort

Powerful jets and bubbles make a hot tub especially soothing and therapeutic, and this is reliant on having an air pump that’s reliable and safe. Having a properly functioning electrical system is mandatory for maintaining safe pH levels as chlorine and other chemicals circulate for water disinfection.

Saltwater Pool

Circulation, filtration, and temperature stability all have important roles in the maintenance of proper salinity levels that inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae in saltwater pools. Providing adequate power to the necessary electrical equipment will ensure proper functioning and energy efficiency.

Electrical Requirements

Both pools and hot tubs need to have a dedicated subpanel with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protection professionally installed so power can be safely provided in wet conditions. Licensed electricians should comply with National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 680 ordinances, which provide guidance for a proper installation as required by a particular pool and its electrical components.


Proper lighting not only promotes safety in the pool and spa areas, but can also beautify. It’s critical to have well-lit walkways and areas where people will gather to make them safer. Installing underwater lighting in the pool provides needed visibility and also creates an atmosphere that makes night swimming more appealing and fun. For this type of project, rely on a professional to ensure electrical safety.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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