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Written by Larry Cook

Install Security Cameras for Home Protection – Part 1

Until recently many homeowners believed installing video surveillance equipment was an over-the-top and costly security measure. However, the affordability and accessibility of CCTV technology has improved. Now, most people think it is unusual if a homeowner doesn’t use this approach to increase the protection of their family and property.

Modern video surveillance systems let a homeowner check on their home from anywhere and at any time. Below will cover the important reasons why it makes sense to install a CCTV security system for home protection.

Discourage Crime

Just the presence of a CCTV camera can discourage potential intruders. However, it would be extremely dangerous to depend on dummy cameras because experienced burglars can spot them easily. The typical burglar will case a home before robbing it, and if they see a CCTV camera system with a professional alarm system, they will look for an easier target.

Research has discovered that about four out of 10 burglaries occur during weekdays when residents are not home. Intruders break in through the front door in seven out of 10 burglaries. This makes the placement of CCTV cameras very important.

Assist Law Enforcement

If there is a break-in at your home, a professionally installed video surveillance system will record the event. The police and justice system will be able to use video evidence to apprehend and prosecute the offenders. The video recording can also be used to help recover stolen property.

Check On Loved Ones

Even though video surveillance is chiefly used for the protection of a home and its residents, security cameras also allow homeowners to check in on family members and pets while away from home. Parents with full-time jobs typically worry about how to monitor their children who return home from school in the mid-afternoon. A modern video security system will allow busy homeowners to check on their children, seniors, and pets with a remote monitoring app installed on their smartphones.

Part 2 will discuss Reduced Insurance Costs, Affordability, and a Feeling of Security.

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