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Written by Larry Cook

It’s Good Business to Be Ready for Power Outages

Getting your business ready for a power outage is important for maintaining operations, minimizing losses, ensuring safety, and regulatory compliance. One way of preparing is installing a standby backup generator at your commercial facility.

Maintaining essentials such as lighting, heating, and air conditioning during a power outage helps ensure the safety and security of your customers and employees. Loss of employee productivity, financial losses, and customer dissatisfaction will be minimized.

The following will provide basic guidance on how to prepare for a power outage and the installation of a generator.

Safety Preparations

A company should create a contingency plan for power outages, and a big factor will be its type of facility. Commercial buildings with elevators must comply with government regulations. Local fire departments and municipalities also have their own requirements. Clear marking will be required for exits, stairwells, and escape routes. The installation of emergency lights will provide visibility for employees when electricity is lost. Companies should have emergency kits on hand that include first aid, flashlights, tools, water, and food.

Data Protection

Perhaps the most precious asset of every business is its data. Provide protection for your company’s data by utilizing surge protection and regularly backing up computers. Data centers should be running with an uninterruptible power supply to ensure that its servers will keep functioning when a power outage strikes.

Small Business Generators

A small or medium-sized enterprise will install a standby generator in order to ensure its business keeps operating when there is a power outage. Similar to an air conditioning unit, a generator will be installed outside a facility. When electricity from the utility is cut, an automatic transfer switch will be activated when the generator senses the loss of power. Standby commercial generators are powered by natural gas or propane so employees won’t be concerned about refueling.

Industrial Generators

An industrial generator can provide electricity to large facilities like data centers, stadiums, office buildings, factories, and amphitheaters. Powered by diesel, propane, or natural gas, industrial generators can keep very big businesses running.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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