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Written by Larry Cook

Why Backup Power is Crucial for Commercial Facilities – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, company leaders should regularly evaluate the level of preparedness of their commercial building or facility for handling power failures. Part 2 will discuss how to prepare an emergency backup power plan.

Emergency Backup Power Plan

Whether your premises are a data center, factory, shipping center, or office building, your team should have a comprehensive emergency backup power plan ready to cope with power outages. If it is the first time you are creating a plan, study your existing infrastructure while carefully considering the five topics below with a licensed commercial electrician.

1) Adequate Generator Size

The most essential requirement is having a backup generator of a sufficient size capable of powering your building or facility’s critical systems. Work with a licensed commercial electrical contractor to test the current load and think about future electricity demand. Typically, your company should be able to obtain historical electrical usage data from your utility.

2) Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

An ATS monitors the electrical supply from the power company. If an outage occurs, the ATS will activate the generator within seconds, and it will begin providing power to your commercial facility or building. When the power company is back online, the ATS switches to the utility as the source of electricity and turns off the generator.

3) Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Consider installing an UPS as well to handle power outages of shorter duration. This will ensure that electricity needed by critical systems such as computer and servers will continue to be supplied until the generator is fully activated.

4) Maintenance and Testing

To ensure they work when needed and to keep their warranty valid, backup generators need proper maintenance. Like a car, they need to run regularly as the manufacturer recommends. This periodic testing will also ensure your business will be ready when a power outage occurs.

5) Fuel Management

Knowing how much fuel is stored for the backup generator, how long it will last, and how resupply will be handled are all important factors for emergency readiness. 

Electrical Peace of Mind

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