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Written by Larry Cook

Why Backup Power is Crucial for Commercial Facilities – Part 1

If electrical power from the utility is cut and there is a massive blackout, will your commercial facility or building be prepared? How will your premises cope if a natural or manmade disaster struck and caused a power outage? If your level of preparedness is similar to other companies around the country, it is probable that your business will not be ready for a total and lengthy loss of power.

Lack of Preparedness

Although the 58 hospitals of New York City had backup generators when the giant Northeast blackout of 2003 struck, about 50% still experienced failures of their systems. This chiefly happened because generators were either inadequate, poorly maintained, or personnel were insufficiently trained on how they performed during an emergency.

Company leaders should regularly evaluate the level of preparedness of their commercial building or facility for handling power failures. Does your team have a plan in place to ensure that emergency backup power will be provided if electricity from the utility is suddenly lost?

Greater Frequency and Duration of Outages

Since 2003, power outages that were caused by weather-related events have increased by 100%. The most common cause of blackouts is disturbances of power wires and lines caused by severe weather.

Other causes of power failures are related to human error, such as poor operational management, control mistakes, and faulty coordination that can result in shutdowns and overloads.

Unlike losing electricity because of a hurricane, electrical grid failures that can cause total blackouts over wide areas are largely unpredictable.

Outages can last for several hours or days, so businesses must be prepared with emergency backup power to mitigate financial losses.

Insufficient Regulations & Codes

Existing regulations and codes governing emergency power may not be adequate to meet the power demands of a commercial building or facility. It therefore makes sense to create an emergency power system that exceeds the requirements of regulations and codes, so your company maintains business continuity to the greatest extent possible if the electrical grid fails.

Part 2 will discuss how to prepare an emergency backup power plan.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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