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Written by Larry Cook

Making the Workplace Electrically Safe for Your Employees

Electricity is capable of causing serious injuries and fatalities as well as damaging the premises of your company. Fortunately, business leaders can utilize easy-to-follow preventative steps that will help decrease hazards involving electricity or electrical equipment.

Commercial Electricians for Safety

Experienced and licensed commercial electricians can help business owners protect their employees from dangerous electrical hazards related to their workplaces. Several electrical services related to promoting safety include periodic safety inspections and reports, along with repairs and replacements to bring a facility up to code.

Proper Electrical Work

In order to have an electrically safe workplace, business owners need to ensure that electrical equipment is properly installed and maintained. Licensed and experienced commercial electrical contractors should be hired to perform installations, wiring, and other electrical work in the building or facility of a business.

Workplace Electrical Safety Tips

The following will offer workplace electrical safety tips that will help prevent injuries and fatalities to employees and visitors.

• Ensure that employees are trained properly on how to safely work with the electrical equipment they use for their jobs.
• Ensure an adequate number of electrical outlets are available because overloading a socket is a potential fire hazard.
• Inspect your facility for electrical cables running across floors that may be tripping hazards and move any found to safer locations.
• Train employees to turn off and unplug an electrical appliance or machine prior to cleaning, adjusting or moving it.
• Instruct employees to stop using electrical equipment that appears to be faulty or failing immediately and advise their co-workers not to use it until it is properly inspected and repaired by a professional. 
• Prior to utilizing borrowed or rented electrical equipment ensure that it has been inspected by a professional for safety.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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