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Written by Larry Cook

Five Special Commercial Electrical Services

Undoubtedly, the electrical requirements for residences and businesses are not the same. If you need electrical work for a factory, office, restaurant, or retail facility, working with a licensed commercial electrician will help ensure the best results. Below are five examples of special electrical services that should be performed by an experienced commercial electrical contractor.

1) Commercial/Industrial Outlets

There is a wider variety of commercial/industrial outlets than there are for residential. A commercial electrician will know which ones will be appropriate for the equipment your facility utilizes. Additional outlets, which may be different than existing ones, may be needed to properly provide power for new machinery.

2) Load Adjustment

The addition of a factory machine or a lift for an automatic service facility shop will greatly increase demands on an electrical system. In some cases, only additional outlets will be need. In others, the facility may require an electrical panel upgrade, which is also known as a heavy-up.

3) Signage and Lighting

A business may need electrical signs and lights to indicate its location or direct traffic in a parking lot. Signs for safety and emergency exit, along with the lighting needed, may be required by law inside. 

4) Security Cameras

The mounting and proper installation of security cameras will require ensuring they are provided with continuous and backup power sources. This will prevent a power outage from disabling security precautions of your facility. New security systems also feature remote online access, control, and monitoring, and this will require network cabling that an electrical contractor can also install.

5) Whole Office Surge Protection

Modern workplaces are typically dependent on computers, and surge protection should be prioritized to preserve electronic equipment and the data stored inside. A strong electrical surge may destroy a computer’s internal wiring even though it is equipped with a surge protector in a power strip. Installing whole office surge protection with the help of a commercial electrician will help ensure your business is protected from the potential damaging effects of electrical storms and other causes of harmful electrical surges.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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