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Written by Larry Cook

Green Tips to Conserve Energy – Part 1

In the home and office, you can save money by using less electricity as well as decreasing your carbon footprint if you are thinking “green.” These green tips aren’t difficult to do once you get started. Part 1 will cover the first six of a dozen ways you can conserve energy.

Energy Audit

The very first step is hiring an experienced and licensed electrician to conduct an energy audit of your home or office to measure your electrical consumption. A profile of your energy usage will determine inefficiencies, find solutions, and calculate the possible savings from going green.

Lower Lighting Load

Lighting is responsible for energy consumption ranging up to 40% in average office buildings. Their usage also greatly adds to increasing interior temperatures. At home, lighting consumes up to 10%. Despite the fact that newer T5 and T8 lamps can produce an equivalent amount of light and consume 30% less electricity, many companies are still using older T12 fluorescents. Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs, can lower energy usage by 75%, yet produce 5 times more lumens per watt than incandescent lights. Simple upgrades such as using more energy-efficient bulbs can result in the greatest returns on costs, often within three years.

Turning Off Lights

For energy savings, turn off light fixtures using incandescent bulbs whenever a room is not being used. However, there is a different approach for fluorescent lighting. For rooms that use fluorescents, only turn off the lights if a space won’t be used for more than15 minutes.

Energy Star Appliances

Media equipment, major appliances, and smaller devices contribute up to 20% of a home’s electrical usage. Energy Star models are at least 15% more efficient in terms of electrical consumption than conventional versions.

Programmable Thermostats

By decreasing the thermostat setting by 15 degrees for eight hours daily, you can lessen heating/cooling costs by 15% annually. Programmable thermostats can easily be put on pre-set schedules. This comes in very handy for energy savings during sleeping hours or while you are away at work.

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