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Written by Larry Cook

Green Tips to Conserve Energy – Part 2

As mentioned previously, you can save dollars by thinking “green” at your home. Part 1 covered Energy Audit, Lower Lighting Load, Turning Off Lights, Energy Star Appliances, and Programmable Thermostats. Part 2 will cover the last six of a dozen ways you can conserve energy. Remember to consult with a licensed electrician and request an energy audit.

PC Monitoring

One way to save electricity is dimming your monitor if you won’t be using your PC for the next twenty minutes. Shut down the computer when you won’t be using it for the next two hours. Your PC won’t wear out prematurely from doing this.


One important method of conservation is using home insulation. It will retain the cooling or heating of your home, preventing waste. This means sealing your house from the elements, using weather stripping, caulking, along with insulated windows and doors.


Planting deciduous shade trees next to your home will shield sunlight, but allow it to pass during the winter after their leaves have fallen. Using evergreens will provide protection year round. Trees will decrease air temperature up to 9 degrees Fahrenheit in the areas around them.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can be an alternative to air conditioners and furnaces if your home is in a temperate climate. If your home uses electricity for heating, a highly efficient heat pump can lower electrical usage by 40%.

Home Vacation

Make sure to unplug appliances and devices that still consume electricity even when turned off. Prime examples are media and computing equipment, along with rechargeable devices. These are energy vampires, which account for one twelfth of an average home’s yearly electric costs. Leaving your air conditioning or heating system functioning via a thermostat will also needlessly use energy while you are away.


Electricity derived from solar thermal panels for making heated water and solar photovoltaic panels for generating electricity are being more commonplace with every year. Their prices are also decreasing, and homeowners are finding installation more affordable.

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Green Tips to Conserve Energy – Part 1

By decreasing the thermostat setting by 15 degrees for 8 hours daily, you can lessen heating/cooling costs by 15% annually. Programmable thermostats can easily be put on pre-set schedules. This comes in very handy for energy savings during sleeping hours or while you are away at work.