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Written by Larry Cook

Five Benefits From a Programmable Thermostat – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, making the transition from a traditional manual thermostat to a modern home programmable model will provide five important benefits that make the investment worthwhile. Part 2 will discuss Tech for Climate Control and Zones for Heating & Cooling. Call an expert licensed electrician in your area to get sound advice regarding installing a programmable thermostat for your home.

4) Tech for Climate Control

The newer programmable thermostats being released are capable of using Wi-Fi technology and smartphone, laptop, and tablet apps. Having a thermostat linked to your home network will allow homeowners to control the climate in their house with a touch of a finger. If you are away from home, you can use your smartphone to easily make adjustments to the setting of your HVAC system to deal with sudden, drastic changes of weather. Some come with motion sensors that adjust a room’s climate when someone enters or exits.

The most sophisticated programmable thermostats such as Nest come with apps that can study the preferences of residents for a week, monitor movement, and observe your temperature and schedule changes. They are also capable of tracking local weather conditions and provide a monthly progress report regarding saving energy. Some products can also be controlled by voice by using Amazon’s Alexa product.

5) Zones for Heating & Cooling

Another valuable feature of modern programmable thermostats is their ability to set up several climate zones inside a home. Each zone can have individual settings that meet the needs of a resident to maintain comfort, eliminating hot or cold spots wherever they are. Implementing this approach throughout a home can potentially increase energy efficiency, while reducing energy consumption and saving money.  

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