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Written by Larry Cook

Standby Generator Advantages for Businesses

Aside from a major natural or man-made disaster, there aren’t many events that can cause as much business disruption as a prolonged power outage. If your company has ever suffered the devastating effects of the loss of electrical power, you may be seeking a solution that will limit losses and allow your business to continue running. A commercial standby generator installed by an experienced, reputable, and licensed electrical services company is the answer.

Business Continuity

For companies in the food business, like restaurants or bakeries, keeping food safe and fresh is paramount. For healthcare facilities, keeping patients and pharmaceuticals cool is crucial. Offices relying on computing can protect data and maintain productivity within an office. The ability to continue business and/or prevent product spoilage is also a major advantage over competitors who are unprepared.

Customer Service

The ability to continue providing good customer service during a power outage keeps customers happy and gives your company the valuable reputation of being more reliable than others. When the competition does not have power, your business can attract new customers while others are out of commission.

Pleasant Environment

Central heating and air conditioning systems that continue functioning in your building even when utility power is disrupted will maintain a pleasant and comfortable environment for workers and customers alike. It keeps them healthier and safer within your premises, maintaining productivity and commerce.

Safety & Security

Power outages can be hazardous for numerous reasons. Heavy equipment may dangerously malfunction due to lack of electricity. Loss of lighting inside a building will make movement for people unsafe in the darkness. The loss of security lighting may lead to looting. A standby generator will help maintain safety and security within a facility by swiftly providing electricity to critical systems in an emergency.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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