Written by Larry Cook

Retail Electrical Planning & Design

For commercial retail space design, the finest plans showcase products and create an environment that promotes shopping. A sound electrical infrastructure makes these plans possible. The ultimate goals are an increased number of customers and, consequently, sales.

Power Distribution

The main concern of initial planning is the electrical service that enters the facility. Changes may be required to properly distribute power according to code. The planned access, locations, and load types for powering machinery, equipment, signage, and point-of-purchase areas all must be taken into consideration, along with the outlets, access panels, and dedicated power needed.


Lighting directs the movement of customers, and its design is critical at building and store entrances. Once enticed to enter, customers should then have their attention directed to the items that a store wants to showcase for marketing campaigns. The primary tool for visual merchandising is accent lighting. For dramatic effect, architectural lighting is utilized for creating light and dark areas, highlighting desired interior features.

Overhead lighting, both florescent and recessed, should be spaced evenly to ensure consistency so there are no darkened areas that negatively impact sales. Installing LED fixtures will provide cost savings due to their longer service lives.

Exterior and interior lighting can be programmed and controlled remotely. Automation ensures that all areas are illuminated properly around the clock. This promotes energy conservation and cost savings.


A dynamic sound system is one more effective method for gaining the attention of customers and creating a mood that helps increase sales. Broadcasting music that creates excitement and announcements that introduce special promotions can help generate enthusiasm among shoppers.


Exciting new visual methods, such as digital signage and video walls, are appealing to today’s customers and promote impulse sales by providing information regarding the latest promotions.


The most successful retailers are also the best at creating a store atmosphere that generates excitement and connects emotionally with shoppers. The sound planning of a retail facility’s electrical system requires an experienced team consisting of a licensed electrical contractor, lighting designer, and civil engineer.

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