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Written by Larry Cook

Conserving Energy in Commercial and Industrial Buildings – Part 1

As utility bills increase, owners and managers of commercial and industrial buildings are seeking innovative approaches to conserve energy, which is second to employee salaries in terms of costs. However, companies typically do not know how to decrease energy usage. Fortunately, commercial electricians can provide assistance in addition to their other services. The following are six ways an organization can cut energy consumption. Consult with a licensed commercial electrical services company for the best results. 

Energy Audit & Analysis

Performing an analysis of a commercial or industrial facility’s energy consumption is crucial to comprehending how a business uses energy. The knowledge gathered from an energy audit will greatly help in the efforts to decrease energy usage and utility bills.

Efficient Lighting Solutions

For energy savings, owners and managers of commercial and industrial buildings can install lighting that is more efficient and affordable. According to the latest Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), 17% of electrical consumption in American commercial buildings is attributable to lighting.

The newest LED technologies provide the most comprehensive solutions for the two approaches below:

Re-lamping – More efficient products replace existing lamps or bulbs.

Retrofitting – New equipment replaces existing fixtures, lamps, bulbs and ballast.

Commercial and industrial buildings are capable of securing significant savings by thoroughly implementing energy efficient lighting solutions.

Engineering Study

An engineering study can lead to a considerable decrease of energy consumption and costs. A professional study of energy efficiency of a company’s facility will help determine if it qualifies for government benefits. Upgrades to more energy efficient equipment as recommended by a study can result in savings rebates, along with federal and state incentives. The Maryland Energy Administration provides incentives for energy efficiency projects. A building’s compliance with state and city regulations can also be documented.

Part 2 will discuss Power Factor Adjustments, Response Programs for Demand, and Sustainable Energy.

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