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Written by Larry Cook

Get the Most From Your Home’s Outdoor Lighting – Part 2

Part 2 will cover Choosing Exterior Fixtures, Deciding on Lighting Style, Think About Ratings, and How Outdoor Lighting Can Raise Home Value.

Choosing Exterior Fixtures

Many kinds of exterior lighting fixtures are available that can be used in a great variety of ways. Categories include ceiling fixtures, lamp posts, pendants, wall sconces, and more. The three below have been trending the past few years:

  • Uplights are used for highlighting flagpoles, water features, and greenery.
  • Typically 40” to 44” tall, Bollard lights create visibility and safety on architectural paths, pathways, and lengthy driveways.
  • Path lights are similar to bollards but are about 14” tall.

Deciding on Lighting Style

The lighting styles you choose will reflect your taste and personality. Ask the following questions to yourself:

  • Do you want a unique and personal approach? Just like art and furniture, there are many styles. Consulting with a lighting designer will help.
  • How different is the architecture of your home’s interior from the exterior? Outdoor lighting can accentuate or play down the differences in their features.
  • Do you want the outdoor lighting to be like your indoor lighting? This approach can connect these two spaces.

Think About Ratings

Since safety is paramount, hire a licensed electrician to ensure your outdoor lights are appropriately rated for the areas where they will be installed. Wet-rated lights can be used in areas exposed to the weather. Damp-rated lights are intended for sheltered environments that can get damp. Local code may need you to comply with “Dark Sky,” which decreases light pollution at night.

How Outdoor Lighting Can Raise Home Value

An increasing trend is the creation of multi-functioning outdoor spaces. An example is an area that can be used for preparing meals and dining. It will be essential to have a properly designed lighting scheme that can serve both purposes. After doing a great job on your exterior lighting, you can look forward to many years of enjoyment with family and friends and raising your home’s value.

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