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Written by Larry Cook

Get the Most From Your Home’s Outdoor Lighting – Part 1

Homeowners of single-family houses, condos, or townhouses should think about their outdoor lighting as much thought as they do indoor lighting. This is a feature of your home with a little bit of work. Below discusses the benefits of outdoor lighting at night:

  • Accentuates and highlights beautiful landscapes and architectural features.
  • Allows outdoor cooking and dining
  • Beautifies home’s outdoors, helping raise the resale value.
  • Gives visitors a warm welcome when they arrive
  • Improves safety by making walking easier and discouraging crime
  • Creates a more comfortable and friendly environment in lounging areas

The above benefits do not simply come from outdoor lights. You need an effective lighting scheme to be planned and carried out. The following tips will make the job easier.

Balance of Beauty and Security

Begin by slowly walking around your home at night with a flashlight. Write notes about dark areas that require more light for safety. Also, consider beautiful architectural and landscape features that can be highlighted.  

In addition, think about how to implement the following three main types of lighting for your home’s outdoor areas:

  1. Accent – For highlighting features
  2. Ambient – For general lighting
  3. Task – For doing something like cooking

Don’t forget about specific areas that need their lighting upgrade. Carefully study important exterior features and regions. This should include the address plate, cooking and dining area, driveway, flagpoles, front door, garage doors, hot tub, landscaping, mailbox, patios, pool, porches, stairways, and walkways.

When considering areas where you need more lighting, make sketches and notes about the direction and intensity of lights. Direct lighting may not be suited for an area. If bright light points the wrong path, it can glare at a person’s eyes and make driving or walking unsafe. Installing ambient or diffused lighting may be sufficient for creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Part 2 will cover Choosing Exterior Fixtures, Deciding on Lighting Style, Think About Ratings, and How Outdoor Lighting Can Raise Home Value.

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