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Written by Larry Cook

Create Your New Outdoor Kitchen With a Licensed Electrician

Maryland’s beautiful spring and summer days are on the way, and the new outdoor kitchen you are planning to create will be where your family and guests will enjoy the warmer months. Imagine entertaining your friends while they bask in the sunshine or as they gaze up at a starry sky. Before you begin on your project, be sure to consult with a trusted licensed electrician in your area about electrical requirements.

Appliances & Power

Even though you’ve been thinking about a gas or propane grill, you should also consider installing an electric range because they are safer. For the installation of an electric range, dishwasher, or a refrigerator in an outdoor kitchen, you will need a licensed electrician to ensure wiring that’s proper and safe. Typically used for indoor outlets, 110V wiring will not be sufficient for any outdoor appliances. 220V wiring will be required for meeting their power demands.

Design of Lighting

Having adequate lighting will be important for safety in your outdoor kitchen. This is especially true when you’re cooking. Designing and installing an outdoor kitchen lighting scheme that will function well will require an experienced designer and licensed electrician.

The lighting configuration should help make preparing food easier at night. However, it should also be warm and pleasing for your guests. Properly illuminating walkways and seating areas will promote safety and socializing. Accent lighting can be used for highlighting the attractive features of your surrounding landscaping and exterior features.

Last Advice

Every outdoor kitchen will have individual lighting requirements as determined by the space and your goals, so don’t be afraid to express your ideas. Installing additional electrical accessories like space heaters or anti-mosquito devices for ensuring the comfort of your guests is something you should also consider. You can depend on an experienced licensed electrician to perform the job properly the first time.   

Electrical Peace of Mind

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