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Written by Stu Kushner

Homeowner Overview for Complying with Electrical Code – Part 1

If your home needs major electrical work, such as installing an electrical cable for new service, it would be smart to get the help of a building inspector to make sure you are complying with all local electrical codes. The following will discuss the most typical requirements for home electrical systems.

Local and National Codes

Most of the time licensed electricians rely on the National Electrical Code (NEC). It is a large compilation detailing the national codes for residential and commercial wiring. The most economical way to access it is through a local public library.

The building departments of local municipalities often revise the NEC, and you must comply with their modified codes. It should not be a surprise that even neighboring towns have different codes. This is why it makes sense to request a local inspector to review and approve your wiring plans prior to starting a project.

When your home’s existing wiring is not in compliance with local codes, usually your local building department won’t require you to make modifications. For the most part, just new electrical work must be up to current code. However, if it’s determined that faulty or old wiring is making your home unsafe, it should be replaced. A major remodeling project may result in being required to make electrical modifications throughout a home in order to meet current codes.

Loading and Grounding Circuits

There are two important considerations when installing a new service. The first is ensuring it will not overload a circuit. The second is making sure that every receptacle and appliance is safely grounded.

Local codes will likely include the requirement of grounding both switches and light fixtures. This will provide protection against shock or electrocution in the event a wire is loosened or a device or appliance malfunctions. The local codes will set forth the approved method for grounding.

Part 2 will discuss Typical Code Requirements.

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