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Written by Larry Cook

Safeguard Your Family with a Professional Smoke Detector Installation

National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) studies have found fires are spreading faster in homes due to the types of materials and fabrics now used to make modern furnishings. Fortunately, a professional installation of a smoke detection system will help protect your home and family in case of a fire.

Sufficient Number & Proper Placing

The number of smoke detectors and their proper placement will be determined by the square footage and floor plan of your home.

There should be a smoke alarm protecting each bedroom, guest room, and area where people may sleep. Every level containing a bedroom should also be monitored by a smoke detector. Hallways and stairways are passageways that also need protection.

Of course, kitchens are often where fires start. There should be a smoke detector within 10 feet of stoves and ovens. However, smoke detectors that are installed too close to these appliances may set off false alarms.

State & Local Regulations

The proper placement and number of smoke detectors is determined by state and local regulations. Passed in 2013, the Maryland Smoke Alarm Law has required homes that do not have smoke detectors or those equipped with battery-powered smoke detectors to have tamper-resistant alarms since January 1, 2018. Consult with a licensed professional electrician to determine how your house should be protected.

Professional Installation

Residential buildings often utilize inexpensive, low-quality battery-operated smoke detectors that are attached to walls. A hard wired and interconnected smoke detection system offers superior and more dependable protection according to the NFPA.

Connected to a home’s electrical system, hard-wired smoke detectors will continue working even if a homeowner forgets to replace their backup batteries. Interconnected, one smoke detector can alert the others installed in other areas of the home. Maryland requires hard-wired, interconnected smoke detectors in newly constructed homes.

Make sure to hire an experienced licensed electrician for a professional installation of a hard-wired and interconnected smoke detection system. The job will be done to code and meet state and local regulations, ensuring the safety of your home and family.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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