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Written by Larry Cook

Why Your Business Needs a Standby Generator

Your business needs a standby generator to keep electrical current running when utility power is not available. When power is cut, businesses begin losing time and money. A power outage that lasts for a few hours can result in serious issues. Fortunately, your company can protect itself from outages by installing a standby generator.

A standby generator is a back-up electrical system that begins functioning automatically after a utility outage. After an automatic transfer switch senses a loss of power, it commands the generator to start and transfers the electrical load to the generator. They are installed outside the premises, with the majority of standby generators fueled by natural gas, diesel, or LPG (liquid propane gas). The following discusses four reasons why your company should invest in a standby generator.

Data Protection

When the automatic transfer switch senses a loss of power from the main utility lines to your office, it switches the power supply to the standby generator. Conversely, it reverts back to the main utility lines when power returns, signaling the standby generator to stand down. Since this occurs in a matter of seconds, your business and computers keep functioning, and your data is protected.


Standby generators are flexible enough to provide back up to an entire business or just a portion of it. For example, an area that must remain constantly refrigerated can be prioritized.


Having a standby generator ready to provide power when the utility power is cut is insurance. Your business probably has contingency plans for natural disasters like a fire or flood. It should also be ready for electrical outages, so it can keep functioning when they happen.

Save Money

Companies located in areas that experience significant weather disturbances like hurricanes or blizzards will save money in the long run. If your business has perishable goods, installing a standby generator is even more critical. These products won’t be lost to spoilage. Your company also saves money because your business will continue to function despite outages, so losses from disruptions are prevented.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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