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Written by Larry Cook

Keep Your Cool with New Ceiling Fans

Able to lower the ‘feeling’ of a room’s temperature by about 8 degrees, ceiling fans allow homeowners to raise thermostats and save electricity by using less air conditioning. The swapping of an overhead light fixture with a ceiling fan can be handled safely by an experienced and licensed electrician usually within one to two hours.

Significant Energy Savings

Ceiling fans awarded the EPA’s Energy Star designation consume 50% less energy than conventional fans, saving about $165 in energy costs over a ceiling fan’s service life. In addition, each degree an air conditioning thermostat is set above 78 degrees results in AC energy cost savings of 3%-8% annually.

Effect of Fan Size

The air a ceiling fan can move is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). Fans equipped with longer blades have greater CFM capability. The American Lighting Association advises using a 36” blade or smaller for a room up to 75 square feet, 36” to 42” for rooms up to 144 square feet, and 50” to 54” for rooms up to 224 square feet.


Ceiling fan prices vary greatly. Entry-level types can be purchased for $20 up to $100. High-end fan systems can cost from $3,000 to $10,000 because they are integral to the architectural design of a home or office. In any case, the happy medium for typical homeowners is a price range of $200 to $600, which will buy a higher-quality ceiling fan covered by a multi-year warranty.


There are a handful of key features that should play a part in your choice of ceiling fan.

  • Blade Finishes: Wooden blades should be treated with a moisture sealant for the prevention of peeling and warping. This coating also protects metal blades from tarnishing and scratching.
  • Blade Pitch: Wider blades of at least 5-6 inches fixed at a pitch of 12-14 degrees have more CFM capability.
  • Energy Efficiency: 50% more energy efficient, Energy Star ceiling fans also have minimum low and high speed airflows of 1,250 CFM to 5,000 CFM.
  • Quality: Better fans are low-maintenance, featuring precision engineered, lubricated and sealed ball bearings with a motor that has a warranty of 30 years. Top models have heavy-duty windings, die-cast housings, lower vibration, and sleeker designs.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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