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Written by Larry Cook

Six Benefits of Automated Window Treatments – Part 1

Long sunny days can make the inside of your home uncomfortably warm. We compensate by lowering our thermostats, forcing air conditioning to work harder and use more electricity. A better solution is automated shades and blinds, which can be integrated with the environmental controls of a smart home. This two-part article discusses the six primary benefits of automated window treatments. Consult with an experienced and expert licensed electrician regarding installation for your safety and the best results.

1) Automation & Convenience

Convenience is certainly the most obvious advantage of installing motorized blinds or shades in your home. Their programming and automation can be a component of your smart home, which will monitor and control interior temperatures. Motorized window treatments enable homeowners to automate a repetitive task, which may also be difficult to perform because of height. Adjustments can be performed by a touch of a button on a wall-mounted panel or remotely with a remote control, a smartphone, or tablet.

2) Energy Efficiency

Motorized window treatments significantly improve energy efficiency in homes. Homeowners can actually use their shades and blinds to lower their energy usage. Automatically lowering them when sunlight is anticipated during warmer spring and summer days will prevent radiant heat from passing through windows and skylights. This will decrease air conditioning usage and electrical costs. During the cold days of the fall and winter, you can program window treatments to be raised to allow sunlight inside to raise interior temperature. This will result in lower heating costs. Programming and automation can be used to close windows after sunset to help retain heat.

3) Improved Security

Motorized window treatments that are programmed and automated helps improve home security, especially when residents are away from home for an extended period . Their movement gives the illusion that someone may be inside, discouraging daytime break-ins. The raising of shades and blinds also allows more light inside the home, providing more visibility and making it more difficult for burglars to conceal themselves. Privacy is also protected at night when motorized window treatments are automatically lowered.

Part 2 will cover three more advantages of motorized window treatments.

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