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Written by Larry Cook

Six Benefits of Automated Window Treatments – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, motorized shades and blinds are a convenient way to aid in controlling interior temperatures and improving the security of a home. They can also be integrated with the environmental controls of a smart home. Part 2 will cover three more benefits of automated window treatments. Consult with a licensed electrician regarding installation for your safety and best results.

4) Protect Art, Interior, and Furnishings

Motorized window treatments can help shield furnishings, flooring, and art from harmful sunlight. Sunlight streaming through windows may seem harmless, but over time they can bleach out colors and degrade the quality of materials. Within a few months what was once red paint may appear pink. Leather furniture exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays will eventually lose pliability and crack. Treasured photos hanging in wall frames will eventually fade if they are bathed in sunlight every day.

5) Secure Safety of Residents

Conventional blinds and shades are controlled by cords or chains that can be very long, which present dangers to both young children and pets. They may appear as fun things to play with, but this may lead to someone being choked or strangled. In stark contrast, motorized window treatments are cordless, making them much safer. In addition, they are much more convenient. Some windows are hard to access because furniture is placed in front of them or they are positioned high off the floor. Residents who are limited physically will also benefit from being able to control windows and blinds remotely.

6) Transform Home Spaces

Motorized window treatments can be used to transform a space so that it can serve dual uses. For example, a living room might also be used as a home theater after lowering the window shades and blocking light from entering. A dark bedroom that lets you fall asleep easier can be transformed into a space filled with morning light at sunrise to help you wake up. Regarding outdoor spaces, patios that are too hot to use in the middle of a summer day can be made cooler with motorized awnings, allowing them to be used during lunchtime. Similarly, an awning can be raised during a crisp fall day to take advantage of sunlight.

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