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Written by Larry Cook

Reasons for Installing a Standby Generator by Summer – Part 1

In order to protect our homes, we devote ourselves to ensuring we are prepared in case of a natural disaster. Severe weather can occur any time in Maryland during the summer. On average, our state experiences a thunderstorm every five days from July to August. Even more alarming, three tornadoes touch down in Maryland every year, primarily from May to July. There is also the Atlantic hurricane season which runs from June 1 to November 30 every year.

Summer thunderstorms can strike at any time and are powerful enough to bring down power lines. If you are prepared, your family won’t ever be sitting in the dark without air conditioning during a heat wave. You will be ready by having a home standby generator installed. Refrigerated food and beverages also won’t spoil. Your loved ones who rely on mobility and medical devices that require electricity will stay safe.

Basics of Standby Generators

Generating electrical power during emergencies, a standby generator can prevent your family from suffering when electricity from the utility is cut. Power outages can last several days or even longer until your local utility can restore services. The generator size you need will be determined by your home’s power requirements and budget.

Just seconds after utility power is lost, a standby generator will activate automatically and begin producing electricity for your home. After utility power is restored, the standby generator deactivates by itself, and your home starts receiving power from the grid again.

You are now aware of several benefits from having reliable electrical power, and so you may be thinking that installing a permanent standby generator will be a good investment for your family. Your home will increase its resale value if you go forward. Many of us are now working from home, so a unit will ensure you stay productive throughout the year.

Part 2 will discuss Emergency Preparedness and Importance of Professional Installation.

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