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Written by Larry Cook

Structured Wiring for the Modern Home – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, structured wiring allows a home to be a participant in the digital age. Structured wiring carries data for media, security, and communications purposes, and there are licensed electricians who are experts in their planning and installation of structured wiring. Part 2 will cover types of wires and their uses.

Types of Wires

Alarm or Security Wire – Wider than Category 3 wire, its primary usage is for Security Systems, including alarm panels, motion detectors, sirens, window & door sensors, etc.

Category 3 Wire – It is used as phone wire and a pair of twisted wires can carry one phone line. To ensure capability in the future for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), it is advisable to use at least Category 5e wire.

Category (CAT) 5, 5e, 6, & 7 Wire – Used for carrying data on a local area network (LAN) to connect several computers to the Ethernet.  A cable or DSL modem will provide the output. CAT 5 is of the lowest quality with CAT 7 eventually becoming the higher-quality standard. Additional twists and superior shielding have improved with each succeeding CAT, permitting increased amounts of data transmittal.

Coaxial Cable – Mainly used for TV, satellite, and cable modems. Three coaxial wires used jointly can function as component or composite wires. As the world is migrating to digital, higher quality RG-6 cable is the standard for new installations while replacing the existing RG-59 cable. Longer lines should use a Quad-Shield cable because a standard Dual-Shield will have significant signal loss.

Optical Fiber Cable – Due to its superior quality and far greater bandwidth than copper wire, it is increasingly being utilized to carry data for the Internet and cable television. Phone companies are wiring areas with optical fiber cable to provide broadband services for high-speed internet and high-definition (HD) television.

Speaker Wire – Used for wiring speakers, it can be concealed in walls and ceilings as opposed to lying on the floor. Wires will run from terminals behind an entertainment center to wall plates located behind the speakers.

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