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Written by Larry Cook

Implement Structured Cabling to Improve Efficiency

If your company’s data center has become a tangle of cable management issues as your business expanded, structured cabling will provide the solution for improved organization. Structured cabling will result in a decrease of unnecessary cables, IT optimization, and the ability to meet current and future data and telecommunications requirements.

Normal cabling is point to point, which runs a cable directly to and from devices that require connectivity. In contrast, a structured cabling system utilizes a series of patch panels and trunks to build a structure that allows the connection, movement, and removal of devices without requiring the use of new cables every time there is a change. Every patch panel is cabled to return to a main distribution area, where every reconfiguration is accomplished through patch leads, small cables for linking patch panels to create circuits.


Several of the significant advantages derived from the installation of a structured cabling system include:

Lower Costs of Maintenance – Properly installed cabling ensures faster identification of problems and easier

replacement of cables.

Faster Transmission – Being able to transmit data as fast as possible is aided by a structured cabling system, which are capable of supporting 100 Mbps to 10Gbps.

Future Proofing – Structured cabling allows high bandwidth, facilitating business expansion because it is adaptable and scalable in contrast to an unstructured cabling system.

Decreased Downtime – There is a higher probability of errors when there are disorganized cabling structures, which impede airflow and increase downtime. A sound structured cabling plan minimizes downtime and resulting costs, and it ensures troubleshooting will be easier and more efficient.


Well-planned structured cabling addresses building requirements and the needs of a company. This includes upgrades for retrofitting an existing structure. Good design often results from the work of a knowledgeable and experienced team, and this is where references are critical.

Installation & Testing

An installation performed around a company’s work schedule will minimize the disruption of daily operations.

After a system is upgraded or installed, it is critical that testing is thorough, ensuring that every component is functioning properly and meeting quality requirements.

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