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Written by Larry Cook

Four Electrical Safety Tips for Dock Owners

Even during the colder winter months, electrical safety should still be a priority for dock owners in the Mid-Atlantic region because many enjoy boating year round. Safety should also be important at family vacation homes. The following will discuss four electrical safety tips for docks to ensure the protection of both boaters and visitors.

1) Bonding Jumpers

Linking all metallic portions of a dock to a ground rod located ashore, bonding jumpers help ensure safety. If a dock is grounded properly using this method, an electrical charge on it will activate the GFCI and immediately cut electricity. Teaming these two safety devices will help make sure everyone on the dock is safe.

2) GFCIs Mandatory

For dock owners, installing GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) are a must to ensure safety. Neglecting installing a GFCI on every electrical receptacle puts everyone at risk of electrical accidents that may lead to serious injury or fatality.

For the prevention of these accidents, the 2011 National Electrical Code (NEC), as set forth by articles 533 and 555, mandates that every dock must be equipped with GFCIs. In the event of defective electrical equipment or wiring, these fast-acting circuit breakers will activate within 1/40th of a second to shut off electrical current and ensure safety.

3) Professional Installations

Allow professionals to handle the installation for every electrical job on your dock. The risk is too great not using a skilled licensed electrician. Electricity is a great resource and a hazard at the same time. If there was even a minor error during the installation of an electrical device, it can lead to electrical shock resulting in injury or death. Using an experienced electrical contractor will give you peace of mind.

4) Regularly Scheduled Inspections

Tests should be performed once every month by a professional to ensure that every dock GFCI is functional and will work as expected to provide protection. In addition, schedule a licensed electrician who is experienced in working on marinas and piers to perform an inspection of your dock’s electrical system annually.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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